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Welcome to Fabulous Asses!!! Anyone may join the community...but you have to post a picture of your fabulous ass, and have it approved, to become an active member who is able to vote on others' asses.


1. BE NICE! Any ass can be fabulous if it's worn well. Don't have any preconceived notion of an "ideal ass." In the great words of my friend Fred, "when your hands runneth over with ass...it's a GREAT ass!"

2. No NUDE ass shots. Keep your damn clothes on! Underwear will be permitted, but for heaven's sake, please, no thongs! I will delete your naked asses if you violate me, and you will be banned. Sorry.

3. If you feel that your ass is backed up with pictures of the rest of you, feel free to share. Voters will take the full package into consideration.

4. Once you've posted a picture of your ass, you have 48 hours to be approved or denied fabulous ass-dom. It is majority rules.

5. Any voters whom I deem to have a biased opinion of fabulousness will have a limit imposed on how many "no's" they may give out, as I see fit. Yes, I am in control, and I like it. If you don't like it, suck it up. I am a benevolent ass-lovin' leader and I promise to be fair if you are.

6. If you want to be a moderator, email me at suzanne833@yahoo.com and explain to me why I should let you.